H. Pylori a Common Cause of Stomach Ulcers

Dear Dr. Sangani,

I am a 45-year-old person who was recently diagnosed to have ulcers in the stomach. I have heard a lot about it and was truly not concerned as I had heard that it was a common disease and does get cured. I became truly concerned when I was told by my doctor that I had some kind of infection called “H. pylori” infection. Now that was news to me and I have been nervous since then. Please help me understand what is he talking about? – Somebody Who Has an Infection

Stomach Ulcers Explained

Dear Dr. Sagnai,

A very close friend of mine recently told me of a medical condition they had a couple years ago. I believe he had called it a stomach ulcer. He made it sound very painful and now I am fearful that I too may develop one. Can you help me understand what uclers are and if I’m likely to get one? – In Need of Answers

Discussion of Hepatitis C Continues

Dear Dr. Sangani,

Which pharmaceutical company sponsors do you work for? Roche or Schering? Your report of up to 85 percent cure is not only bold but remote. I’d like to see all the studies showing 85 percent. Please send me the list so I can be enlightened. I apologize for my cynical response, but I have yet to see conclusively a cure rate of 85 percent. Somebody Who Had Liver Transplant Due to HCV 1a

The Causes of Gallbladder Pain

Dear Dr. Sangani,

My wife went to her doctor when she had some pain in the stomach, and the doctor took her gallbladder out. Now I am having some pains in the stomach, too. Does my gallbladder need to come out, too? Pain in the Stomach

Watch Food, Drink When You Travel Abroad

Dear Dr. Sangani,

I was recently on vacation out of the country on a cruise ship and developed diarrhea after I returned home. I have plans to travel to the same area. What can be done to prevent the same from happening again? – Tired of Bathroom Visits

Colon Cancer Screening Can Save Lives

I was notified that March is the month for colorectal cancer. Why is it that important to devote a month to this disease? – Social Worker

Problem Could Be Reflux Disease

Dear Dr. Sangani,

I have had frequent heartburns. While I have been trying to relieve it, the relief seems temporary. What can I do to reduce the pain? – Burning Sore

Irritable Bowel Can Be Painful

Dear Dr. Sangani,

I am embarrassed to even write this letter to you. I have given you my real name and the address, just in case you want to get back to me, but please do not print my name. I live on the Gulf Coast, and I do not want to be ridiculed at work. I have this peculiar problem where I can hardly wait to use the bathroom due to a sense of urgency like I am going to have diarrhea. Because of it, I have had to leave meetings or in the smack middle of a conversation, and I end up running toward the bathroom. – Embarrassed

Stomach Pain Could Be Peptic Ulcer

Dear Dr. Sangani, 

Lately, I have been having discomfort in my stomach. It starts with a feeling of indigestion, and then it becomes a burning sensation which slowly climbs through the chest. My doctor is worried I might have an ulcer and has recommended a light test. Do you agree with this? I am scared and want to make sure you agree with the approach. Please help me. – Guy Who Is Worried Because Of Possible Ulcers

Diet And Stress Can Affect Bowels

Dear Dr. Sangani,

I’ve never had problems with bowel movements in the past. However, for the past several years I have had discomfort in my belly intermittently. It feels like my stomach is swelling, and sometimes I need a bowel movement several times a day and sometimes I am regular. My physician diagnosed my condition as irritable bowel. Can you please explain why I have this condition and will I ever get better?  Extremely Irritated

Abdominal Pain Could Be Appendicitis

Dear Dr. Sangani,

The other day I started having pain on the right side of my abdomen. I was going to tough it out but my wife was worried that I might have appendicitis and made me go to the emergency room. The emergency room doctor told me I did not have appendicitis. I was in the ER for five hours and now I am upset that I wasted my time and money. What should I have done differently? – Pain In The Abdomen